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Bet you didn't realize how good a teacher you are. I took your class last year and I'm happy to announce that as a result of your comments on my query letter and synopsis I landed a contract for my novel Dressed for a Killing with Black Opal Books. Thanks, Elaine.                – Charles Alvarez

Elaine and I are working together to bring my book to fruition. She is my answered Prayer as I knew what I wanted to say, but could not put it together in a professional manner, and I Prayed that if I was meant to get my message out to the world that the person who was going to do it with me be put in my path and the very next day Elaine arrived, and I sent her some of my work to see if it really was an answered Prayer and I cried as I read what she had done...she really got me, my essence, and put it together in the most Magical Perfect way...I am beyond thrilled with Elaine's work! – Joan Darlene, http://handsofhealingreiki.com

I read the manuscript and it almost seems as though nothing changed but then I read all your alterations and marvel at the magic of your touch. I can't thank you enough for still letting me tell my story with such a polished appearance. – Michael Rogers, author of novel Opium & The Red Rose

Able to work easily together, Elaine and I turned my psychologically technical m/s into prose an average reader understands and finds entertaining. — Captain Tom, Bunn MSW, LCSW, President and founder of SOAR, Inc, www.fearofflying.com. NOTE: Soar was published Sep. 2013

Professional and polished copy is important to my work. As the Nurses’ Nurse I want to instill trust and credibility to my readership. Elaine’s Editing has assisted me every step of the way, giving me the confidence that my writing is clear, concise and readable. I highly recommend Elaine Partnow for all your editing, proofreading and critiquing needs. — Rita Batchley, RN, BSN, The Nurse’s Nurse for Healthcare Heroes, www.thenursesnurse.com

After talking with Elaine and going over her qualifications I was hooked! Not only was she very versed in what I needed, but she was a very pleasant person to be around. And, when she realized an accounting error in her favor, she immediately brought it up to me and it was taken care of. What honesty! I highly recommend Elaine for her research abilities and writing skills and her full on energy for your project. — Richard Salas, President ASK Photography, Inc., www.ASKPhotography.com

When I met Elaine I instantly felt comfortable. She has an easygoing sense of humor and right away made me feel competent and talented. I had always wanted to write a book but couldn’t get past rough ideas and short  blurbs. Elaine became my partner so perfectly that we started to finish each other’s thoughts within a few sessions of working together. Her talent and imagination have allowed me to complete a project that I thought would never get done. She has strong ideas but is always willing to hear my thoughts and encourages me to find the best of my abilities. Ego never gets in the way. I adore working with her and highly recommend anyone who is need of a helping hand in completing and bringing to life their writing project. — Lauren Joffe Rojany, lrojany@yahoo.com

Elaine Partnow is the best editor one can ever imagine. She encouraged and challenged me to do my very best, as she held my “writing” hand gently and expertly preened my book. She guided me carefully and patiently, step by step. She was always there for me, no matter how busy she was. She was always optimistic. That counts for a lot. — Abigail Graham, Camarillo, CA

After working with Elaine, I feel a whole lot more confident about the writing process and the steps I need to take in order to get my book published. She was extremely helpful in editing my book in that she corrected errors, asked thoughtful questions to help me clarify some of my ideas, and formatted it for me. Elaine also provided valuable feedback that has helped me to improve my book and gave me insight into marketing and promoting my book. Thank you Elaine! — Marcy Sproull, L.Ac., www.hopeacupuncturecenter.com

Elaine was instrumental in completing my thesis in public policy and public administration at California Lutheran University. She was always read to listen to my concerns, efficient, fair and accurate. I highly recommend her to anyone. — Michael Akseven, Makseven@yahoo.com

Elaine is an amazing sounding board, which really helped me to clarify and focus the direction of my book. Her incredible wisdom and experience are obvious — I felt confident in trusting her advice (which turned out to be excellent). She is a deep and compassionate person, a requirement for me as a new author dealing with difficult and sensitive material. I would highly recommend Elaine. – Chris Moss

Thank you so much, Elaine, for working with my budget. Working with you was a breeze, and I will recommend you to all of my friends. Because you kept your word delivering to me quality work on time, thanks again. — Diane D. Frierson II, Student, L.A.C.C.

Contact: 818.200-9050                  Epartnow@gmail.com