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Coaching     If you need to get started on a project but don’t know how; if you’re working on a project but are feeling stuck; if you’re not sure how to market your work, Elaine will meet with you and get you started, unstuck, and on the move.

Editing & Proofreading     Whether you need someone to catch your typos and minor grammatical errors or restructure your sentences, Elaine is on the ball and at your service.

Ghostwriting & Rewriting     You have a great idea but you’re not a writer; you want someone to get it down on paper for you. Or you’ve got it written down, but it’s a bit of a mess. No worries. Elaine can develop your ideas and your writing while helping you to find and maintain your own voice.

Screenplays Let me adapt your memoir or novel into a full length screenplay.

Research     Anyone can look up anything on the Internet — but how do you organize your research and turn it into something cohesive? That is the real challenge.  With 17 nonfiction books behind her, some of them huge, Elaine has mastered the art of putting it together. Let her help you with your research.

Resumes     Whether from scratch or a redo, Elaine is expert at making your resume work for your skills and your goals.

Blogs & Web Sites     Rarely will you find a blog or web site page that couldn’t use an editor’s hand. It’s tough to see your own mistakes.  Elaine will find them and correct them for you.